10 Top Tips to Start Surfing

Are you an adventure enthusiast and want to give surfing a go? Here's how...

Top 10 Tips to Start Surfing

As multi-sport enthusiasts we know how much fun it can be to mix things up, and surfing is a great activity to get into. 

Why you should try surfing

  • It releases endorphins and puts a smile on your face after a tough week

  • The challenge is addictive and you’ll always go back for more

  • Surfing is a great way to meet new people

  • It shakes off a horrible hangover (but we don’t advise entering waves half cut)

  • The last one you’ll just have to try for yourself - it’s an indescribable feeling when you catch your first wave. A mix of exhilaration, joy, achievement, a free rollercoaster ride….and more

Our top ten tips:

1. Bring friends or join a surf club

Apart from it being unsafe to surf on your own, going with a few friends is the best way to start - you can share your Surf journey together and learn from each other. Surf clubs are a perfect start as they organise weekly trips and can help with advice.

2. Book a 2-hour Surf Lesson

Find your closest surf beach and make sure there is a surf school open. Book a 2 hour surf lesson (it’s well worth it to start) so you can learn about safety and the equipment prior to starting. Ask the instructor what the best day will be to go on. You will want small waves and the tide at the right time on some beaches.

3. Hire the equipment

Wetsuit, surfboard, and a leash will get you started and it won’t break the bank  - no commitment.

4. Free up a whole day

You’ll want to take your time and enjoy the experience, so make sure you give yourself a full day. Plan your trip & designate a driver. Take a big lunch!

5. Learn Surf etiquette

Before you start, watch a few videos online about surf etiquette. Surfing is an extreme sport and can be dangerous if not treated with respect. You’ll learn where to place yourself on waves and how to look out for other surfers. It will pay dividends later.

6. Go with an open mind

Surfing looks easier from the shore, and waves can look smaller than expected. Stay alert and expect the unexpected - you’ll get used to it in no time. Make the most of your surf lesson.

7. Hang around after your lesson

Practice the skills you’ve just learnt after the lesson and watch other experienced surfers. You can also learn a lot by having further conversations with the instructors.

8. Be patient, Surfing is a constant learning experience

Regardless of your ability, there are always things to learn - that’s the beauty of it. Keep practising and you will get to the point where it becomes natural to paddle on to a wave and stand up .

9. Go again 

If you loved it as much as we know you will, free up next week and go again (give your surf school another call).

10. Prepare to be hooked…

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